Give the Gift of Art - and Hope!

Help us bring the arts to more children throughout Chicago and show those children that when they create, they are powerful.

Many of the children and teenagers who participate in Urban Gateways arts education programs face adversity every day. For some of these students, art is their only escape. While Chicago holds an enormous amount of artistic and cultural wealth, access to these resources remains disproportionately low in many parts of the city. Particularly in under-resourced neighborhoods with deep-rooted challenges attributed to poverty, gang activity, and under-performing schools, Urban Gateways strives to create alternative and positive experiences as a means to a brighter future for children and their communities.

We are on target to reach 70,000 Chicago students this year, but we cannot do it without your support! Take action now. Your generous donation allows local students to experience unforgettable teaching and touring artist programs.

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