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Sam Ostrowski - Summer Impact Challenge A Project of Urban Gateways

I wouldn't be where I am today without arts education, and an exposure to myriad disciplines of arts education at that. I can confidently say the same thing about my sister, my coworkers, my friends, and so many others. Hearing anecdotal stories of artistic backgrounds in someone's youth, you can immediately see the link between that past and the confidence, empathy, self-esteem, resilience, motivation, compassion, imagination, and courage present within her/him today.

Urban Gateways wants every child to be able to grow up with these qualities.

The moment I was completely sold on Urban Gateways' mission, was when I read about the impact one program, Art Options, had on Chicago high school students this summer. In a year where the headlines were dark and had real consequences, Art Options gave young minds the opportunity to dissect and discuss their worldview in an honest, effective, and varied way through art. As you can see from the quotes pulled below from some of the final films students in the program developed, there is so much merit in their observations--and so much wisdom for all of us to absorb:

"There is so much beauty in my everyday life, and so with this film I wanted to focus on that beauty specifically. My personal experience living on the west side of Chicago, Illinois with my family and friends and what makes it so rich."

"Only eighteen percent of concertmasters are women. Only four percent of musicians in major American orchestras are black or latino."

"I realized in society today, slavery still exists."

"Once you come in contact with art, you are art itself."

Read about the full impact here: http://urbangateways.org/art-options-2016/

And this is just one program.

Isn't this an orgranization worth investing in? Will you join me in supporting Urban Gateways' impact on the youth of Chicago? Even a small gift will go a long way to helping us reach our goal ($15,000 in 15 days!).

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    Sam, I'm so proud of you for being an active part of a meaningful cause. I hope participation in the arts affords these students new opportunities!
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